About 2minutefilms

What is a 2minutefilm?

A 2 Minute Film is a two-minute personal story from the entrepreneurs behind your company. Two minutes is also the time frame for watching online content. Create your business story through the lens of the people that work there.

Our method

We can shoot your 2 Minute Film in only two hours.

On shooting day we’ll bring our professional camera and light gear to ensure professional filming. We’ll first conduct the interview at the work floor.

When the interview is done, we’ll film some scenes that tell the story of your companies’ core business.

When we have all the material we need, the ‘real work’ starts: the editing of all scenes into one short and dynamic 2 Minute Film.
Needless to say that you can add your logo to the film and that its length is 2 minutes.

Within 5 work days your 2minutefilm is ready to download from a link that we will forward to you. You can choose between a windows file .mp4 or a mov. file for Apple users.

Do you need more than just one 2minutefilm about the people in your business? Not a problem. We can make a tailor made offer that will meet all your requirements.


Color looks good on film, but avoid patterns. Put on a suit? Add some spice with a colorful tie.


You do not need to learn anything by heart, but it might be nice to think about the scope of the interview.

• Who are you?
• What is it that you do?
• Can you tell something about your daily work?
• What is your background?
• Why did you choose this job?
• Why is it important to you?
• What is the most exiting thing about your work?


We are not only going to shoot an interview, but also B-roll of your work and your workplace. Make sure you are ready for us! We would like to reflect as fully as possible on your work. Do you often work together with other colleagues? We would like to mix them into the story too.


Be yourself. A little lipstick can be fun, but if it does not suit you, forget about it! Stories that work are stories of real people who are authentic.